We spent our 20th wedding anniversary at a restaurant in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland where we talked about our life goals and how we wanted each of our kids to have a mission trip experience sometime during their high school years. Six months later, Todd took Katey down to Guatemala to help a single mom build a house. That trip marked the beginning of an incredible journey… In 2010, we sold much of what we owned, packed away some precious memories, crammed our life’s treasures into 10 footlockers and moved to Guatemala. We spent our first two years working with a great ministry based out of Antigua, Guatemala. This was a formative time for us as we figured out how to transfer our years of experience in suburban Virginia ministry to a brand new experience of reaching out to the poorer Mayan villages surrounding our new home of Antigua. Our time serving in Guatemala has been rich, rich in experience, rich in relationship, and rich in our own growth.  We have learned much about ourselves and have enjoyed doing ministry together as a family. We have been reminded of God’s unique gifting in each of our lives and how He desires to express His love for the people of Guatemala through our very own family. Our connection with Redeemer’s House International is a natural outflow of what God has been teaching us. As a family we are committed to building transformational relationships with children and families. It is in these relationships that we see hope rising.  It has been our privilege to follow God as He continues to lead us to families in need of hope. God is restoring hope, redeeming families, and one day He will release them into the nations for His glory.

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-Todd, Maureen, Kate, Clay and Emily Erickson